AFS SNEC DEI Discussion April 21-2022

Join the next SNEC DEI Discussion Group Discussion on April 21-2022 at 2PM.

Check the AFS SNEC Listserv emails for the Zoom link, or email [email protected]

Before the meeting, please read:

How Virtual Convenings Can Enhance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Links within the above article
Changing scientific meetings for the better

Conference demographics and footprint changed by virtual platforms

Virtual meetings promise to eliminate geographical and administrative barriers and increase accessibility, diversity and inclusivity

Discussion Questions
• Many folks are pleased to see us moving toward more in-person gatherings. Before reading these articles, did the benefits of virtual meetings to DEI participants occur to you?
• What are some of the largest barriers to accessibility at in-person gatherings identified in these resources? What can SNEC do to further overcome some of these barriers?
• An author stated, “It is my hope that all scientific meetings will have a virtual option going forward to allow more participation than was the case pre-pandemic.” Is this realistic? Do you expect that the hybrid approach will stick around into the future?