AFS SNEC DEI Discussion Friday Nov 18 at 2PM

Please join us for the next AFS/NED SNEC DEI Discussion – this FRIDAY, November 18 at 2PM

For the link please check your emails from the SNEC listserv, or email [email protected]

Topic:  Affirmative Action

Discussion Facilitator: Patrick Shirey, AFS NED Past-President and Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh, Department of Geology and Environmental Science

Scientific American Opinion, By Stacy FarinaK Amacker on October 31, 2022:

NPR’s 11 minutes coverage of what diversity initiatives could look like in higher education if the Supreme Court rules that race cannot be considered in college admissions: 

NPR’s 5 minutes of coverage from the case in front of the Supreme Court:

Affirmative Action Policies throughout History:

The Origins of the Term ‘Affirmative Action’

Discussion Questions
-What was your biggest take-away from the readings?
-Did any of these readings cause you to reconsider your opinions about Affirmative Action programs?
-Is there a role for American Fisheries Society in this issue?