AFS SNEC DEI Discussion September 15 at 2PM

Please join us for the next AFS/NED SNEC DEI Discussion – Thursday, September 15 at 2PM
For the link please check your emails from the SNEC listserv, or email [email protected]

Topic:  Allyship in fisheries science workspaces

Discussion Facilitator: Harvey Walsh, SNEC Board of Directors Member, and Lead for the Ecosystem Monitoring Program in the Oceans and Climate Branch of NOAA, NMFS, Northeast Fisheries Science Center

What is the difference between allyship and mentorship?

In the context of the workplace, allyship refers to support and advocacy for colleagues from underrepresented groups, including LGBTQ+, women, the differently-abled and people of color. Mentorship often focuses on strengthening workplace relationships centered on career progression, and allyship can function similarly.

Please watch and read the resources below:

3 Myths About Allyship—and What Research Says Instead

3 ways to be a better ally in the workplace

Ally-Up! Practice Effective Allyship

Sue, D. W., Alsaidi, S., Awad, M. N., Glaeser, E., Calle, C. Z., & Mendez, N. (2019). Disarming racial microaggressions: Microintervention strategies for targets, White allies, and bystanders.American Psychologist, 74(1), 128–142.

Discussion Questions

– Did you find these resources helpful?

– Have you received training in allyship through your employer/ University?

– If you’re comfortable sharing with the group, have you acted as an ally to a colleague? Has a colleague acted as an ally to you? What was the setting? What worked and what did not work?