AFS SNEC Diversity Equity & Inclusion Discussion July 21 at 2PM

Please join us for the next AFS/NED SNEC DEI Discussion – Thursday, July 21 at 2PM
For the Zoom link please check your emails from the SNEC listserv, or email [email protected]

Topic: Unpaid Internships, Financial Disparity, and Barriers to Entry and Diversity in Marine and Fisheries Science
Discussion Facilitator: Owen Nichols, SNEC Past-President, and Director, Marine Fisheries Research at Center for Coastal Studies

Please listen to the podcast and read the resources below:

Discussion Questions:

-If you’re comfortable sharing with the group, what is one thing you learned from these resources?
-What are some examples of paid internships and other early career opportunities that address financial disparity and diversity? 
-What can we learn from the above and apply to our own professional spaces? To SNEC/AFS activities?