Planning Committee

This meeting is powered by volunteers! And the more that join the effort the more awesome the meeting will be! If you’d like to lend your enthusiasm, expertise, ideas, and time to planning this meeting please contact the Meeting Chair Sara Turner.

Meeting Chair: Sara Turner [email protected]

Diadromous Symposium Chairs: Trevor Avery [email protected] and Alex Haro [email protected]

Workshops: Alex Haro [email protected] and Danielle Quinn [email protected]

Fundraising: Eric Schultz [email protected] and Aubrey Ellertson [email protected]

Finance Committee: Eric Schultz, Rich Bell, Trevor Avery, Stephen Dwyer

Program Committee: Corinne Truesdale (SNEC President-Elect), Susan Cushman (NED President)

Local Arrangements: Leah Baumwell & Abigail Archer [email protected]

Student Activities: Rebecca Colby

Best Student Papers/Posters: Karina Mrakovich

Committee Members At Large: Patrick Shirey (NED Past-President), Chris McDowell (SNEC Past-President), Jacob Kasper (SNEC Past-President), Heather Stewart (NED President-Elect)

Communications: Owen Nichols (SNEC Past-President), Andy Jones, Eric Schultz, George Maynard, Andrew Bade, Abigail Archer