The Chapter currently has five Professional/Executive Awards that are administered by the Professionalism Committee.

Award of Excellence ‑ administered by a standing Committee consisting of the last four Chapter Presidents, the current President, and the Chair of the Professionalism Committee, who will act as Chair.  This award was created circa 1989. The Award of Excellence recognizes an AFS member who has made exceptional contributions to the field(s) of fishery administration, education, management or research.  Criteria for the award can include significant publications, exceptional service, outstanding teaching or training of students, important discoveries or inventions, or other major contributions to the advancement of fishery science.

Irwin Alperin Membership Service Award ‑ This award was created in 1996 to recognize Chapter members who have made outstanding contributions to the Chapter and/or the Parent Society.  Criteria for this award include significant service to AFS through volunteerism, active participation in standing or ad‑hoc committees, increasing public awareness of Chapter and AFS activities, encouraging student involvement/membership, membership recruiting, or other important contributions that advance Chapter and profession goals.

Lesa Meng  Aquatic Conservation Award (renamed from the Citizens Aquatic Conservation Award) ‑ This award was created in 1996.  The Lesa Meng Aquatic Conservation Award recognizes an individual or individuals from outside the fisheries profession that have made an outstanding contribution to conservation or the fisheries profession in southern New England.  Criteria for this award include activities that 1) protect, conserve or restore aquatic habitat and fisheries, 2) improve sustainable recreational and commercial fishery opportunities, 3) support federal, state, tribal, or private management and research agencies responsible aquatic resources, or 4) otherwise support the stewardship of aquatic resources or the enrichment of the fisheries profession.

Outstanding Organization Award -This award was created in 1996. The Outstanding Organization Award recognizes academic, governmental, private, or tribal organizations and units for their current or historic advances in the stewardship of aquatic ecosystems, advancement of fisheries science, or service to the profession.  Criteria for this award include exemplary activities to 1) protect, conserve or restore aquatic ecosystems, 2) improve sustainable recreational and commercial fishery opportunities, 3) develop new scientific methods, equipment, computer software, etc., 4) improve interactions of their organizations with aquatic resource user groups and the general public, or 5) enhance the status and visibility of the fisheries profession.

Special Achievement Award – this is an individualized award administered by the Professionalism Committee.  This award was created in 1994.  The Special Achievement Award recognizes a specific special achievement, typically, in service of the Chapter.  The Chapter President nominates an individual or group to the Professionalism Committee and pending approval by both the Professionalism Committee and EXCOM this award can be conferred.  This award is conferred at the discretion of the Chapter President.

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