SNEC students from the Winter 14 meetingThe Chapter has always recognized the need to fully involve students in its membership and programs. To increase student attendance at Chapter meetings, the student registration fee has been kept low, $20 ($10 if student pre-registers) compared to the regular registration fee. Also, to encourage student presentations at Chapter meetings, the Saul Saila Best Student Paper Award has been in place since 1989. Additionally, during the winter Chapter meeting, students who submit posters are eligible to receive the Best Student Poster Award.

The UCONN subunit was formed in 2005 and the Umass Amherst subunit was formed in 2016. The Presidents of the Student Chapters are invited to attend BOD meetings and participate on the BOD.

Additionally, the Chapter offers a Student Travel Award to defray travel costs for students attending the national AFS meeting if sufficient funds are available.  Preferably, students presenting a paper are eligible; however, students presenting a poster or simply attending the national meeting may also apply.  The awards are typically presented at the summer meeting, prior to the Annual National Meeting.