SNEC AFS January 12, 2020 Workshops
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Student-Professional Mixer: Preparing for Successful Recruitment as an Early Career AFS Member
Both professional and student employees are encouraged to sign up for this networking mixer. This workshop is designed to connect current fisheries students with a diverse panel of professional mentors to socialize and exchange questions, advice, and insight on professional development or career paths. Professional attendees will represent universities, agencies, and other organizations, and will present students with an opportunity to engage and ask important questions. This is a multi-session style workshop where session topics are as follows: Open Discussion, Resume Development, and Interviewing.

Introduction to Plotting Using R
This course will introduce plotting some of the more basic figures and graphs using R. This course will cover how to create histograms, box plots, scatter plots, and tables. This course already assumes that you know how to enter and read data files. This is a 3-hour workshop from 9AM – 12PM. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Advanced Plotting Using Special Data in R
This course is designed for people who are interested in creating plots and figures in R using high-resolution special data. This is an advanced course and is for individuals who are proficient in R and are already familiar with the basics of plotting. This is a 3-hour workshop from 1PM-4PM. More information will follow in the coming weeks.