AFS SNEC DEI Monthly Discussion Group June 16 at 2PM Pride Month!

Check the AFS SNEC Listserv emails for the Zoom link, or email [email protected]

June is Pride Month! This month is set aside to bring awareness of and celebrate the experiences of people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex. Please read and watch the resources below. The discussion on June 16 at 2PM will focus on the first 3 resources.

Discussion Questions

-If comfortable sharing with the group, what is one thing you learned from these resources?

-Based on the information in the first 2 articles and the video, what are some things that AFS SNEC can do to make in-person meetings and the Chapter as a whole more of a safe and welcoming space for folks who identify as LGBTQIA+?

-Are there efforts within your workplace to make that space more safe and welcoming for folks who identify as LGBTQIA+?

Reading and Watching Resources

  1. 3 Simple Steps to Create a More Inclusive Work Space for our LGBTQ+ Community
  2. Interview with Cassidy Miles for Flylords magazine. Outdoors is for Everyone by Dan Zazworsky

AFS Diversity Equity and Inclusion Day 2020 – Learn Portion Videos

3. Being an Out Queer Field Biologist:
Dr. Christopher Schmitt (Dr./He/Him/His) of Boston University’s Department of Anthropology and Biology

4. Pronouns & Gendered Language:
Lucas Johansen (He/Him/His) with the NOAA Pride Employee Resource Group

5. A Guide to Gender Identity Terms

6. White House Proclamation about Pride Month

How to purchase Outdoors is for Everyone merchandise