Covid-19 Health & Safety

The Planning Committee is mindful that the virus that causes Covid-19 is still present and that anytime large numbers of people gather together indoors there is a risk of people transmitting the virus to each other. In January 2023 several varieties of influenza are also a risk.  To protect our community and the staff at the hotel the Meeting Planning Committee is taking the following measures.

  1. Masks are highly encouraged while sitting together indoors in the meeting spaces in the hotel and anytime you are in a group and not actively eating or drinking.

2. At the registration desk stickers will be made available so that attendees can indicate what level
of contact they are most comfortable with. This system was successfully implemented at the AFS
Annual Meetings in 2021 in Baltimore and 2022 in Spokane.

A red sticker indicates that no contact is preferred. Greet these colleagues with a wave or a bow or a curtsy rather than a handshake and try your best to stay 6 feet away or maintain as much physical distance as possible.

A yellow sticker indicates some caution. Elbow bumps are a preferred greeting.

A green sticker indicates that handshakes are OK.

3. In the days leading up to the meeting we will be checking guidance from the following sources and taking any actions that they recommend.

Boston Public Health Commission

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

4. If you feel sick, please stay home. The registration cost of the meeting can be reimbursed up until 1/1/22. Or – you can designate someone to attend the meeting in your place. Email [email protected] to give the name to the meeting organizers.

5. Before you travel to the meeting please take an at home Covid test or a PCR test if they are available to you.  If you can, please bring some tests with you to the meeting so you can test if you are feeling unwell.  If you test positive, please immediately wear a mask, cease attending the meeting, and inform the meeting organizers via the email address [email protected].